With the brand new NFT staking feature, Marnotaur users will be able to stake their NFTs from the MÆRⴼTΩR NFT collection on the Ethereum blockchain and get rewards in TAUR tokens on Binance Smart Chain, allowing them to avoid high gas.

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Current month pool

There are 110,000 TAUR tokens in the farming pool monthly. The reserve pool contains 376,000 tokens.
A maximum of 486,000 tokens was decided upon for the new feature, so any surplus funds will be allocated to the reserve fund and farming pool.
Extra 5% on top of the current farming pool goes into the Marnotaur Treasury.
Each Quater 50% of Reserve Pool will be burnt

Tech & economic model of NFT Staking

486,000 tokens per month from the Marnotaur ecosystem are allocated to providing incentives and will be used by the NFT staking feature.

The general pool (which may change depending on the number of active squadrons) consists of a reserve pool and a farming pool.

The farming pool

The farming pool keeps tokens for distribution among users and grows as new squadrons are released. The bigger the farming pool, the bigger the rewards NFT stakers can claim.

The reserve pool

The reserve pool on the other hand is used for boosting up the farming pool whenever a new squadron sells out inside the deadline. Every quarter, 50% of the reserve pool is burned for market price correction.

Let’s look at an example
to clarify the working principle


With the ongoing sales of 6th squadron NFTs, there is 110,000 TAUR in the farming pool. Let’s say the staking goes on for 2.5 months, thus filling up the reserve pool with 940,000 tokens. Now let’s say the Marnotaur team announces the launch of the 7th squadron following a vote of the DAO members and sets a deadline of around two weeks. There are now two possible outcomes.


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Option 1

If all the NFTs are sold out within the 2 week deadline - the farming pool increases as it receives assets from the reserve pool (accumulated in previous months). So in the event that the reserve pool fills up the farming pool, the excess is allocated to future months’ pools in equal proportion.

Since the farming pool maximum is 486,000 tokens, any surplus is dispensed over the course of 2.6 months and then the pool drops back down to 125,000 tokens [940,000 / (486,000 - 125,000) = 2.6].

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Option 2

If after 2 weeks there are still some unsold NFTs from the 7th squadron - the pool reaches the standard size of 125,000 tokens. 50% of the reserve fund is burned according to the previously described procedure.