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What is MÆRⴼTΩR ?
MÆRⴼTΩR is an NFT collection developed by the Marnotaur liquidity protocol. The collection is issued in squadrons of 555 NFTs. The initial release includes 5 squadrons - 2,775 Marnotaur NFTs in total.The release of each subsequent batch of NFTs is tied to the development of the project and the community's wishes. When Marnotaur reaches its performance goals and the demand for Marnotaur NFTs in the community grows, the project will schedule a DAO vote on whether and when (or never) to issue the next 555 NFTs.Each Marnotaur inherits 13 traits such as horns, eyes, background and skin.

Customized Marno

In the future, the NFTs can be upgraded and customized so they attain a higher rarity. Users will be able to choose visual characteristics - horns, armor and other accessories.


Selected Marnotaurs will be able to add a personal touch to their creatures. The Marnotaur will take on its owner’s facial and body features. Besides being unique in its nature, the Marnotaur NFT will become one-of-a-kind in all senses possible. Something nobody has ever done before!

Fair Price, Fair Minting

DAO community the Roar of Democracy

Whether the project releases a subsequent squadron or not is decided by the DAO community. Users vote on the matter and decide on the NFT price.

Bonding Curve as a Measure of Justice

With the release of each squadron, the price for 1 NFT will go up. The new floor price should be a minimum of 50% higher than the price of the previous squadron. As an alternative, the community could decide to implement the Bonding Curve mechanism. In this case, each subsequent buyer of the MÆRⴼTΩR NFT will have to pay a slightly higher price for each token, thus generating profit for all previous holders.

Checks and Balances with Buy-Back Guarantee

In the future, MÆRⴼ TΩR will bring up the issue of the buy-back mechanics and the DAO community will make the final decision on its implementation through voting. The system will guarantee that all NFT holders can return their tokens and get their money back. The amount of compensation for the returned NFT will depend on the bonding curve, which means the holder could end up with more ETH than they actually spent on the purchase.

Strong Hands Take Strong Profits

The biggest beneficiaries of the collection are its strongest holders. The sale mechanics, royalties and redistribution of proceeds make the Marnotaur NFT a source of real value.


Marnotaur Powers


Marnotaur presents various earning opportunities to the community. Liquidation fee distributions and the sharing of revenue from the liquidity protocol’s merch sales are 2 basic ones. The rewards and handout dates will be determined by Marnotaur DAO members through their votes.

Premium Features

Marnotaur NFT holders have a higher leverage ratio and yield farming reward-booster. They can also become a liquidator. Marnotaurs have access to a private Discord server, so they're first to hear news about the product's development and can gain insights and chat with the team.

NFT Farming

Each Marnotaur holder will have the chance to stake their NFT and earn rewards in $TAUR - Marnotaur's native token.

Fair Price, Fair Minting

From squadron #6 and up, proceeds from all sales will be divided between Marnotaur NFT holders, artists and the development team.

  • 30% of the proceeds from subsequent sales goes to NFT holders
  • 33% will be distributed between the artists who created this collection
  • 37% will go to project development and community building

Tales from MÆRⴼTΩR Mythology

MÆRⴼTΩR is an NFT collection of generative mythical creatures - Marnotaurs - whose story dates back to the dark ages of the crypto industry. Despite all the odds and common sense, brute force and cutting-edge technologies are the characteristics that get along in this ancient civilization. Marnotaurs lead their holders through the DeFi Maze, bringing them valuable artifacts and writing their name in crypto history with their incredible labors.