Sale schedule & roadmap

  • Done

    1-5 Squadrons presale

    The official Marnotaur NFT Collection presale. The first 5 squadrons are issued and the number of Marnotaurs available during the presale is 2,775. The price of each random embryo is set at 0.05 ETH, making the potential payback for the first buyers as high as 1,200%!

  • Live

    1-5 Squadrons/6 Squadron Embyo Public Sale

    Right after Marnotaur announced the end of the NFT collection presale, the collection went public

    The date for the sale is set for October 4th and is conducted on the platform's official website.

  • 12-15

    Marnotaurs Born

    On 2d-3d week of October the happy and long awaited moment arrives - the first Marno embryos will reach their owners. Each Marnotaur has a set of unique traits (a total of 13 traits, e.g. horns, skin, etc.). While the Marno is in an embryonic state, its owner remains in the dark about its rarity, appearance and traits. The assigning of traits is done entirely on a random basis.

  • 30-31

    DAO Community and
    Guilds Creation

    Now that we have the first buyers of these NFTs, We have a community. The Marnotaur NFT DAO is a powerful unit that makes major decisions about the future of the project, its price changes, new features and more.

  • Sept

    DAO Voting & 7/8th
    Squadron Sale

    This is the day when the DAO community will hold its first vote on the future of the project. The community will be deciding on the date and price of the 7/8th squadron sale. The DAO can also decide to not continue issuing new Marnotaurs or to postpone the subsequent emission. If the decision regarding the squadron release is positive and the price is set, the sale will go public on the chosen date.

  • Tbd

    8th-18 Squadrons Sale

    The Marnotaurs are a strong and rebellious race whose ambitions have been hardened by endless battles for freedom.Their harsh disposition is passed on to young Marnos at an embryonic stage. These rock-solid embryos can sleep in a volcano's mouth for years, absorbing all its wild power before the new hero is revealed to the world.

  • Oct

    Buy Back and Profit Sharing

    The buyback mechanism will be determined by the voting decision of the DAO. This is to take pressure off the token price and guarantee that NFT holders can return their tokens and get their money back. The size of the buyback payment to NFT owners will depend on the bonding curve. This could result in holders receiving more than they spent to purchase their NFT.

  • q4 2021

    Sacrifice and Reborn

    A new feature will be implemented that will let NFT owners become even closer with their Marnos. For those willing tocustomize their NFT, there will be the option to sacrifice their beloved Marnotaur, allowing it to be reborn as a new Marno - this time with the appearance, facial and body features of its owner! At this point your NFT has reached theultimate level of uniqueness.

  • q4 2021

    Staking Feature

    For holders who have no intentions of using the Marnotaur protocol, speculating on the price increase of their purchase or participating in the gamification aspect, there will be a safe and simple way to put the asset to work bringing in a stable passive income.

    Marnotaur NFTs can be used for staking and earning rewards in $TAUR tokens, Marnotaur’s native utility token. It is a great tool for anyone willing to use the main Marnotaur protocol, which features: rewards for LPs, rewards for stakers, rewards for farmers and platform governance.

  • q4 2021

    Royalty Sharing

    Now that the Marnotaur NFT is available on the secondary market, NFT holders supporting the DAO community will have rights to a share of the royalties. To be eligible for a share in 50% of the royalties from secondary market sales on OpenSea, NFT owners must also hold $500 in $TAUR tokens.