Grab at least 1 of the 2,775 NFTs and book your permanent place for 30% profit sharing!

How to get 1,200% payback

Holders of Marnotaurs from the first 5 squadrons can receive up to 1,200% payback on their initial investment.

Payback mechanism

Only Marnotaurs from the first 5 squadrons will be sold for 0.05 ETH each

The price will increase by at least x1.5 times with each subsequent batch (e.g. a Marnotaur from the 6th squadron will cost at least 0.075 ETH)

30% of the profit from all future Marnotaur NFT sales will be distributed among the NFT holders

After the sale of all 18 squadrons, the owners of the first 5 batches will receive the 1,200% payback

How can you get a fair price?

Bonding Curve

A bonding curve is a mathematical concept used to describe the relationship between the price and the supply of an asset. It’s based on the idea that when a person purchases an asset that is in limited supply (like a Marnotaur NFT), then each subsequent buyer will have to pay slightly more for it. This is cool for early adopters because their initial investment will always grow in price. The team has set the planned price increase at x1.5.

DAO votes

Marnotaur DAO members can influence the price of future squads through decentralized voting. The price cannot be lower than that specified by the Bonding Curve but can be increased if a consensus is reached within the DAO. A higher price can bring bigger profits to those holding a Marnotaur NFT at that time.


Buyback Mechanism

In the future, MÆRⴼTΩR will bring up the issue of the buyback mechanics and the DAO community will make the final decision on itsimplementation through voting. The system will guarantee that all NFT holders can return their tokens and get their money back. The size of the compensation for the returned NFT will depend on the bonding curve, which means that the holder could end up with more ETH than they actually spent on the purchase.

More details coming soon!